Delivery Time: 1 - 60 Minutes

Price: $ 15

Download software from here :-


2- Start the Client Software you downloaded


3- (OPTIONAL) PRESS "SETTINGS" BUTTON and Install or Uninstall drivers if needed


4- PRESS "GET INFO" BUTTON and check the status of NETWORK LOCK


5- Place the order here using Lumia Phone IMEI and wait for result code


6- Press "SUBMIT" and enter the result code of your order


7- Wait untill process is finished and check SIMLOCK STATUS ;)



Not supported Models:


-the model 810 is not supported.




-LUMIA 550 RM-1127 not supported.




Supported Models:


Lumia 435 RM-1070, RM-1071


Lumia 520 RM-913, RM-914, RM-915


Lumia 521 RM-917


Lumia 525 RM-998


Lumia 530 RM-1017, RM-1018, RM-1019


Lumia 532 RM-1034


Lumia 535 RM-1089, RM-1090, RM-1091, RM-1092


Lumia 620 RM-846


Lumia 625 RM-941, RM-942


Lumia 630 RM-976, RM-977, RM-978


Lumia 635 RM-974, RM-975


Lumia 640 RM-1072,RM-1073, RM-1074, RM-1075


Lumia 720 RM-885


Lumia 730 RM-1040


Lumia 735 RM-1038, RM-1039


Lumia 820 RM-824, RM-825, RM-826


Lumia 830 RM-984, RM-985, RM-1049


Lumia 920 RM-820, RM-821, RM-822, RM-867


Lumia 925 RM-892, RM-893, RM-910


Lumia 930 RM-1045, RM-1087


Lumia 950


Lumia 1020 RM-875, RM-877


Lumia 1320 RM-994, RM-995, RM-996


Lumia 1520 RM-937, RM-938, RM-939